Safari types

Budget trips

Kala Safari budget camp setup

Budget trips are the cheapest in costs but still high in quality, service and experiences, the difference with other packages is mainly the camping equipment’s used. The clients are expected to take park as part of the camping experience in the manual erections of the camp sites. The clients is more hands on as part of the African wild bush experience.

Semi budget trips

Kala Safari Semi budget camp setup

Semi budget trips offer a lot more room for the clients as they do not participate in the actual setting up of camp sets, and they come to camp to find camp sites readily made and fully operational

Semi luxury trips

Kala Safari Semi luxury camp setup

Semi luxury trips differ in the types of camping equipment used for budget and semi budget trips; the equipment’s are of the same good quality as in budget but with more room in the case of tents. They are no client participation in camp erections etc

Luxury trips

Kala Safari luxury tented Camp structure

Luxury trips involve a combination of both bush camping and bush tented camping experience. The clients will camp in the wild on tents and move to tented camps with a bit more physical structure. The camping and lodging experience in the wild is scheduled to rotate as part of the trip plan.

Exclusive Luxury trips

Exclusive luxury trips involves wine and dinning in safari lodges located in the heart of the delta while still experiencing the wild life of moremi game reserve or Savuti. Clients are catered to as in a metropolitan hotel facility well enjoying the heart of wild of Africa