About botswana

Botswana is still a developing country with safe road networks, reliable power/electricity, running water, internet and telecommunication infrastructure. The capital city, Gaborone offers the main airport of Botswana connection to Maun International Airport which is at the entry point of the Okavango Delta. Maun International Airport offers connecting flights to South Africa and Namibia. Botswana can also be reached by road, the Namibian boarder and Zimbabwe via Victoria falls is much closer to Maun and has good roads. On average it is half a day’s drive.

When to travel to Botswana

Winters of Botswana are advisable months to travel for wild life ventures, the months of May to September as they are wildlife concentration around water sources, summer also offers photographic moments as it is the breeding season of the wild and arrival of migrant bird species. Dry seasons of winter and summer are advisable for memorable experiences in the delta and wild, while rainy seasons provide a challenge of mobility as routes are usually flooded and animals are scattered and move deep in to the wild because of the availability of water everywhere.


English is the official business language. And Setswana is the national language.



 summer begins in November and ends in march, the temperatures are quite high during summer, with a mixture of the rainy days during summer. temperature reaching 38 C highers

Winter begins may and ends in august, its usually dry with sunny days and cold nights.

April,may,September,October:  these months are usually dry not as hot as summer and warmer at night.

January,February : are usually heavy rainy season months if  they are no drought spells in the region.


Christianity is the most prevailing belief system in Botswana


Kala safaris is not responsible for processing of visas and all other travelling documents. It is the traveller’s sole responsibility to consult with the high commission or embassy of Botswana in your country of residence and other embassies if seeking to do a cross country adventure trip with kala safaris especially between, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and south Africa.

  • All travers must be in possession of passport valid for at least 6 months with extra empty pages
  • Valid entry visas can be obtained in Botswana high commissions and embassies abroad with at least 21 days visa processing awaiting period
  • Border post Entry visas are valid for a maximum of 30-90 days only for selected countries. (one must first have valid addresses and contact of destination/host.
  • Minors required certified copies of unbridged birth certificates plus valid passports
  • If minor is travelling with one parent, the remaining parents affidavit consent is required, not required only if fathers name is not on birth certificate
  • Not all countries require visa to enter Botswana List of countries whose nationals/citizens do not require a visa for entry into Botswana for 90 days.
Argentina Angola Austria
Bahrain Belgium Brazil
Bulgaria Chile Czech Republic
Costa Rica Croatia Cuba
Denmark Estonia Federal Republic of Germany
Finland France Greece
Holy See Iceland Israel
Italy Japan Kuwait
Latvia Liechtenstin Luxenbourg
Mexico Monaco Netherlands
Norway & Colonies Oman Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal
Qatar Republic of Ireland Romania
Russian Federation San Marino Slovak Republic
Slovania South Arabia South Korea
South Sudan Spain Sweden
Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates
United States of America Uruguay Venezuela
Zambia Zimbabwe