Okavango Delta

The Okavango delta is a vast swamp with many inlands and beautiful water channels rich with different types of wild animals, birds and water creatures. It provides the best views of the wild life on water through air, boats and mokoro (traditional canoe)

"A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Okavango Delta is a massive natural reserve in Botswana known for its spectacular scenery and vast array of wildlife "


Okavango Delta facts

The Okavango delta is simply the biggest water channel situated among parks and game reserves and feeding in to the safari wildlife. It offers many exciting access points in many different ways to make the perfect safari destination

Popular activities

  • horse back safari
  • Game drives
  • Scenic flights
  • Helicopter rides
  • Overnight camping
  • Motor boat cruise
  • Mokoro traditional dugout canoe rides

How to get here

  • off-road 4×4 transfer
  • air, small aircraft transfer